About the brand

Made in Belgium by high-end manufacturers, this is our way to support our local suppliers, and keep the excellent know-how of the ateliers in Belgium... before they all disappear.
Woven trousers and coats are made of recycled fabrics & Wool.
We use 100% extra-fine Italian Merino wool.
Exclusive Italian fabrics & yarns are carefully selected from high end suppliers.
All woven articles can be ordered in other sizes.
October 2007 first collection// 2007 fashion show at the museum of Fine Arts Brussels // 2009 Fashion Show 25 years Brussels, Tour & Taxi  // 2009 Showroom Tokyo/ Grand Hyat & White Milaan // 2011 Expo Apropos Köln // 2007-2017 Presentation collection showroom Paris // 2015 Expo Jean Marie Braque Paris// Design Knitwear Competition Worth - Textile Lab Tilburg // 2016 Creation high end collection for Maria Luisa Qatar, own signature: luxury evening dresses // 2017 expo shop Kanal Centre Pompidou // 2010 First price: Prix Modo/ / 2020 Prix NMBS, SNCB, design of current uniforms // 2021 Design rugs for Jov design (Jessie Lecomte: signature). Free-lance consultant and as a free-lance & head - designer for different labels //
Celebs wearing: Lauryn Hill, Noémi Schellens and many other Musicians.
Jessie Lecomte’s designs frame a woman’s body with the artful subtly of a Japanese Kimono: the feminine silhouette accentuated by the sophisticated geometry of her tailoring. The pure, wearable forms of her clothes belie the fastidious stitching that give them shape and movement: pleats, tucks, and twists lend every piece an edge, from the sharp, unexpected folds on a simple trouser or jersey top, to the mass of fine pleats that allow a jacket to drape and swoop with the fluid grace of a bird’s wing.
After graduating from the Antwerp Academy, J.Lecomte honed her skills working with Belgium’s top fashion houses before starting her own label in 2007. Taking inspiration from contemporary art and ethnographic photography as well as pop culture, her vision was marked from the start by its sophistication. Her foundation stone is the generous quality of her textiles, from the finest spun cashmere to stiff Japanese silks, which are worked over with successive layers of embroidery, print and bead work, giving the pieces extraordinary depth of field, but always with an elegant equilibrium.